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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


According to Merriam Webster, the definitions of the word "lost" are as follows:

1 : not made use of, won, or claimed
2 a : no longer possessed b : no longer known
3 : ruined or destroyed physically or morally : desperate
4 a : taken away or beyond reach or attainment : denied b : insensible, hardened
5 a : unable to find the way b : no longer visible c : lacking assurance or self-confidence : helpless
6 : rapt, absorbed
7 : not appreciated or understood : wasted
8 : obscured or overlooked during a process or activity
9 : hopelessly unattainable : futile

According to CathyB, the definitions of the televion series LOST are as follows:

6 : rapt, absorbed
9 : hopelessly unattainable : futile
10: the most confusing, intriguing, insane, frustrating, addictive, exciting show ever to be on television.

Are you a LOST fan? Are you as lost as I am? I watched the very first episode of this show, and except for a few months when I was working nights for a hospital in LA, I haven't missed very many episodes at all. Granted... missing five minutes of the show can render you totally lost. Or should I say even more lost than normal. The first episode was one of the most intense shows I've ever seen on TV and I was hooked. That the show has gotten crazier with each subsequent episode has done nothing to deter my addiction. I'll admit it. I'm a Lostie. At least I'm not obssessed. There's a whole population of people out there who are so totally engrossed in the craze that I'm not sure they even have real lives. The message boards are full of people who spend countless hours trying to analyze every frame of the show and can relate an obscure tree in the jungle back to an episode five seasons ago and correlate it with what is happening now, and how it will affect the end of the show. Good grief. I can barely remember from week to week what happens. Which is probably one of the reasons that I am forever lost when I watch it. Whitney asked me last night, "Mom, does this show ever make sense?" "No," I told her. "Never." She thinks it is so funny that I watch something that is so bizarre, and gave up long ago asking me what is happening, should she wander into the room when I am watching. She has also learned (smart girl that she is) not to talk to me when the show is on. Most of the time I can multitask and do several things at once, but not when watching LOST. So what is the attraction to this show that leaves more questions than answers? I suppose it is the hope that in the end we'll learn the secrets of The Island. Is it hell? Are the people dead? What's up with the sideways flashes? How can people in sideways have memories of The Island if it never happened? Who is Jacob? Is Locke the Man in Black? Which one is evil and which one is good? Who are The Others? Who are the other Others? Which ones are good, which ones are bad? Or are they all good? Or are they all dead? In the sideways world, will the people find each other? How come they keep introducing new groups of people so near the end of the series? etc. etc. etc.

Those are just a few of the questions. And that's an awful lot of answers to be gleaned in just five more episodes. I love the show and I will be sad when the final episode airs. I just hope that it doesn't leave us yet again with more questions than answers. I'd hate to be forever LOST.

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