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Friday, June 12, 2009

CPAP Study Completed

The grit behind my eyelids may limit my ability to compose a coherent post. Oh yes. It was just as brutal as my initial sleep study, in a couldn't-go-to-sleep kind of way. I had requested from my friend Pam at the Sleep Lab that I be assigned to the same tech, a wonderful guy named Reuben. Fortunately for me, he was on duty last night and again did an amazing job with my case. Let me just say, I am so glad it is over. Next stop- Dr. Lazenby and Chuck, then on to the DME for the fitting of my own personal alien mask.

Here are a couple of (HORRIBLE) photos taken from my cell phone. Refrain from the fat-girl-in-her-jammies comments, if you please.

I've written a little ditty to commemorate my night of torture.

'Twas the night of my CPAP, and all through my room,
Not a creature was sleeping: my REM stage was doomed.
I wiggled and squirmed all snug in my bed,
With thousands of electrodes stuck to my head.
The alien mask, so snug on my face,
Delivering air at a pressured pace,
Did little to help my insomniac state,
As the minutes ticked by at such a fast rate.
The sheep were just laughing, and hopping about,
Impossible to count, so I shooed them all out.
The blinking red light above on the ceiling,
Reminded me constantly of how I was feeling.
Eyes wide open, then shut really tight,
On again, off again, like that stupid red light.
At least my tech Reuben was as nice as could be,
And did his best to make it comfy for me.
When at last Mr. Sandman appeared by my bed,
He bid me to sleep with a nod of his head.
Morning came soon, then up for a shower.
Removing the hair-glue took nearly an hour.
Now that it's over, I'm ever so pleased,
And tonight I am hopeful to catch me some Zs.
You'll hear me exclaim when I turn out my light,
I can't wait to sleep in my own bed tonight!

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  1. I've to go for a follow up visit for another sleep study. I suddenly lost alot of weight,have to check my pressure.I hate the paste they pile on Ur head, I have to go have my hair washed @ beauty shop to get it out. My sleep apnea may have caused my heart problems. I'm now on 0-2 ,24 hrs a day now because of it. DR. Q,my lung dr. in 2008 probably saved my life.I luv to have U as a follower,I'm @ glograbear.blogspot.com,my title is grandmabear. I have cards on my Flickr tab. I don't have a camera @ the moment,so it's mainly a written blog. I would like to be UR e-friend!!
    Will be back later to visit,our L.rm getting too hot.