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Monday, June 29, 2009

Girls' Weekend!

There's nothing like spending time in the company of girlfriends. Even if it is family! Marynell and I spent the weekend at Mary Kay's house. Peter (their brother) was banned from the house, and spent the weekend at MNs. It was a fabulous weekend of marathon scrapbooking for me, and card-making for MK and MN. I started (and completed!) an entire gift album. We stayed up until 4 a.m. Saturday morning working on our projects, and til 1 or 2 am on Sunday morning. Dinner Saturday night at a wonderful Chinese place called BoBo's off of Pleasant Hill (check it out if you're in the area). Such a delightful change to my routine with crafting, food, fun, and OH SO MUCH laughing!!! Being around those two is certainly an endorphine-producing event.

Then when I returned home, my house was spic n span clean. Normally when I come home from a weekend away, my home is a disaster, but she worked very hard to keep it clean, and do lots of extra things. Oh yes. It was a great weekend.

Minutes are low at work, so instead of a 12-hour day today, it's an 8-hour day, and I'm just now about to get started at 3 pm instead of 11 am.

Corey has tubes put in his ears tomorrow, so please remember him in your prayers (and my mom and dad tonight- Leyland will stay overnight with them since we have to be at the hospital so early tomorrow!) Have a good week, everyone!!

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  1. Thanks for visting my blog. I just put up some blog candy. I typed some new entries,1 won't let me posted it. Wasup early baking gluten free brownies etc. got crash to go to a late Dr's appt. Talk to U late. glograbear