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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dinner On The Deck

Well, that was the original plan. David was working last night, so DJ and I decided to have Girls' Night Out. Then we decided to have Girls' Night In. Whatever. Just some time to sit and visit, uninterrupted by Mr. David, Miss Whitney or the babies. Normally we would go over to Snellville and enjoy some fine Italian cuisine at Provino's, but we decided since so many of our gas stations were empty, we'd better hold onto our gasoline and stay in town. So the plan was for pizza, salad, and dinner on the deck. The puppies were a little hyper after a tragic event that resulted in Lou having to be put to sleep, and we decided to eat inside to avoid being the target of their hyperactivity. So, after a near-perfect half-green-pepper-and-onion(me)-half-pepperoni(DJ) pizza and a scrumptious salad, we headed out to the deck. I have several "favorite places", and let me tell you that DJs deck is near the top of my list. I love to go over early in the morning and sip hot coffee and watch and listen as the world wakes up to another day. It's a rare occasion that I get to do that, so I savor every moment. DJs deck is also a great place for the neighbors to gather. Come one, come all- golf carts and little doggies in tow. It is also the location of the hottest, best-tasting grill east of the Mississippi. Well, pretty much west of the Mississippi too, as I have only traveled west of the Missippi on two occasions, and neither time did I enjoy fine food such as what comes off David's Grill. I am not EVEN interested in an Outback or Longhorn's steak after tasting the ones he cooks for me. And I can't even talk about the yummy chicken with grilled shrooms, onions, and (I don't know what kind) cheese. My mouth is watering even now. Okay, so I digress. Back to DJs deck. So determined were we to sit outside and enjoy the evening that we didn't notice at first how cool the weather had become. DJ went inside and returned with two blankets, and we wrapped ourselves up inside them and rocked away the evening, venting, talking, and laughing. Old codgers that we were, we couldn't make it much past 8:00, so I left DJ to watch House, and I headed on home to work a bit before watching the President on television. It was a great evening. I'm so glad fall has arrived. It's my favorite time of all. And now I'll just look forward to our next Deck Adventure. Ahhh.. simple moments really are the best!!!

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  1. Boy, have we solved the worlds problems on that deck! I sure enjoyed it too! Hope we can do it again soon.