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Friday, September 26, 2008

Obama's Victory

If/When Barak Obama wins this election (and I believe there is a very strong possibility of that), he can attribute only part of the victory to good campaign strategy. Part of it can be attributed to dumb luck. Actually, at this particular point in the campaign, he can save his money. McCain is practically handing the office to Obama on a silver platter. No, I haven’t suddenly become an Obama supporter. I do not like him. There is something deep in my gut that bristles at the thought of him as President. Again, not based on his race or even his age. Some of his campaign promises are easy to like, and for some people, he is “The Savior” of these troubled times. But not for me. Unfortunately, McCain’s attitude of late- arrogant, grumpy, elusive, demanding, doesn’t sit well with me either. What I know about politics wouldn’t fill the thimble of a piss ant, but I do know that he is putting people off- even his supporters. Charlie Gibson got Sarah pretty good, and the media have enjoyed the whole “Bush Doctrine” deer-in-the-headlight look, but hiding her and not allowing her to speak seems to be backfiring as well. She is a very intelligent woman, but of course she cannot know everything- yet. I have faith that she is well capable of learning and becoming excellent President material. (Think: Palin 2012!!) Now the whole bail-out dilemma. It is admirable that McCain is willing to suspend his campaign efforts until the issue is resolved. But senator, you have backed yourself into a corner by saying you won’t attend tonight’s debate unless there is a resolution. Now what are you going to do? This is a huge thing, this 700 billion dollar proposal. Get it right. Give yourselves time to make sure you have all the bases covered. Do it once, fix the system so that it never happens again. But- you may not be finished by 5:00 tomorrow evening. Obama will be at the debate venue. So will all the media. What are you going to do now? If there is no resolution, will you just be a No Show? Oh how your critics will love that!! If there is no resolution, and you change your mind to attend anyway, won’t that be seen as wishy-washy and promise-breaking, and provide additional fodder? I admire your determination to settle the financial crisis that has befallen us, but the conditions of attendance that you have laid out are, in effect, digging a deeper hole from which you must emerge. Come on. Get back in the saddle and be smart. Don’t hand us over to Obama. Fight for us.

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  1. I'll tell you, it sure would be easy to write a lengthy response on all the ways McCain has failed to show leadership since before the conventions. But, honestly, I think you already know how terrible of a campaign he's run.

    I can't even call out his policies, because he doesn't even have any on how to fix this current situation - but he wants credit for jumping in and saving the day - despite the fact that Senate Republicans and Democrats have done nothing but chastise him for returning to Washington and derailing the process. For or against the bailout, John? Would be good to know.

    Ask Sarah Palin any substantive question and you get nothing but confused and misplaced talking points. She's bombed two of her three interviews (with legitimate media, not Sean Hannity media).

    He's pulled stunt after stunt without providing any substance, and it's a shame. This could be the biggest political implosion in American history.

    I really do feel sorry for the Republicans, it is definitely not meant to be McCain, not this year. I know you'll never vote Obama, but if you just can't stomach a vote for McCain, I'd be perfectly happy with that, as well.