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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

This Is Why I Hate Numbers. (Follow Up To Previous Post)

Okay, I TOLD you people I don’t do numbers. As my smart-alecky daughter so gleefully points out, the math is all wrong in Mr. B’s formula. It’s not $425,000.00 to everyone, it is $425.00. I’m so sad. It looks like he’s about as good in arithmetic as I am. He divided 85 billion by 200 thousand, not billion. So, I guess I will have to contact my senators and tell them “Never Mind”. I’ll go rip up my deposit slip now.


  1. Talk about a stimulus package. I'd love to get a few hundred grand as a "rebate."

  2. The funny thing is, I went to the govt web site to send an e-mail to the senators and reps, and there are forums there where folks can write stuff... and I saw that *plan* quoted several times. And another person had changed the numbers to 700B, saying to give 300M Americans 1M each, and it would only cost 1B. Nope- that would cost like 300Trillion dollars. So I don't feel so mathematically challenged now!! HA!