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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mission Accomplished!!!

Vacations are a wonderful thing- until you come back to work and have to play catch-up. I was very excited to leave my office on Monday afternoon with a clear desk. From the moment I returned on Thursday until mid-afternoon on Monday, I was drowning in charts. Finally the moment came when I hit “save” for the last time, and all the dictation was complete. By 5 pm all my charts were returned to their proper place and I could finally walk in my office without stepping over stacks of folders. Mission accomplished!! Now I’ll spend the remainder of this week playing catch-up on financial files and legal proceedings. Sadly, I have no benefits with my PT job at St. Mary’s, so my days off there will result in my paycheck being about 50% short of usual. Ouch!! In addition to that little inconvenience, my STMH computer is giving me problems and I had to go into the hospital on Monday night to work my 6p to 11p shift, and drop my computer off with the IS folks. Hopefully they will be able to solve my Dolbey (transcription software) issues and I’ll be able to work at home in my jammies again. I’ll be pulling another extra long shift on Thursday evening, 6p to 11p, instead of 6p to 9p, and I really prefer to work those late hours in the comfort and safety of my home office. I don’t mind going in to the hospital occasionally to work, since I’m already in town for my day job anyway, but it kinda messes up my rhythm to hafta do it several days in a row. At any rate, it feels good to at least have my AOA dictation files current, and now I can concentrate on working collections accounts and closing out last month’s numbers. (Don’t laugh, DJ, you know how those numbers just KILL me!) Birthday party preparations continue. It’s going to be really cute. And speaking of cute, here’s a couple of photos for your enjoyment.

The Little Man

Above- The Little Man and his Mommy
Below- Leyland and Mommy

Below: Leyland Just Being Cute!

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  1. Leyland is a very, very cute little girl. I'm going to be at her birthday party at the end of the month :)~