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Friday, September 5, 2008

No Place Like Home!

Well, except the beach. It is nice to be home, though. As much as the beach is my favorite place in the world, I missed the babies so much that I was actually excited to go home. They missed me too, I could tell ;-) It was a bummer being without my phone, and I worried that I might go into DTs or something, but I managed quite nicely. The weather was fabulous, and spending time with Mom and Dad was an extra special treat. My mom spoiled me to no end, and I think she enjoyed it as much as I did. Karey will appreciate my packing skills- I packed a bag with books, SB magazines and some MT reference material that I intended to study, and planned to do a Photoshop tutorial while I was there. The bag easily weighed 50 lb. How silly of me. I perused a couple of scrapbook mags, but didn't even touch anything else in my bag. I found a paperback on the end table, and read through that in two afternoons, then the next day read an entire James Patterson book in one day. My mom laughed at me for taking that heavy bag and then reading something that was already over there. Oh well. I had my "friends" with me if I wanted them. Corey did two months’ worth of growing while I was gone, and Leyland’s IQ shot up another 20 points. Whitney is getting their portraits taken on Saturday. Leyland is also going for her two-year portrait. Good Grief- it seems like last week we were drooling over her one-year portraits. Time has flown! We’re getting ready for the birthday party. This year the theme is Elmo and Abby. We’ve found some really cute things. Watch for pictures of the big day!! Jessica and Corbin came by for a visit, and he is growing like a weed too. The boys are so cute together! Leyland has this really nice play yard where she entertains herself or watches DVDs or PBS when Whitney needs her to be confined while doing chores, etc. Everything is portable these days, and this play yard folds up and away very nicely. There’s a pad-thing that fits in the bottom that, when removed, folds around the contraption. (There are no sheets in the entire universe to fit this thing, so I have to work around it with safety pins and hospital sheets to keep the pad covered and clean.) Little Miss Nosey has discovered that she can fold up one side of the pad and hide things underneath. We have found all manner of loot underneath there. Lately she has been fascinated with an Elmo coloring book, but then she started ripping the pages to shreds, and hiding the swatches under the pad. Whitney called me one day at the beach saying that Leyland’s nose had been running all day long. While we were talking I could hear her chasing Leyland around the room, trying to clean her nose. When she finally caught her, she saw a booger. One thing Whitney cannot stand is a booger in Leyland’s nose. Of course it doesn’t bother Leyland in the least, and she doesn’t understand why Mommy won’t leave her alone. Finally the dirty job was done. However, instead of a booger, it was a piece of crumpled up paper!!!! Oh My!! Whitney is freaking out, wondering what else she has stuffed up there. Knowing how she likes to hoard things in the play pen, we’re just worried that everything will now be nose-bound. Portable storage, if you will. Yesterday it was a Rice Krispy. Where, oh where did that child find a single Rice Krispy? So if you’re missing anything smaller than a marble, let me know and I’ll get the flashlight and look in her nose. Ahhhh….There’s No Place Like Home!!!

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