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Monday, September 22, 2008

A Very Nosey Little Girl

I’ve heard of being “nosey” before, but this is ridiculous. Leyland has become obsessed with her nose. As in- putting things in there. And then pushing as far as her little finger will go, making sure to get it just out of our reach. Oh, there have been various and sundry items retrieved or sneezed from the caverns of her little face. Besides the crumpled coloring-book (probably Elmo) paper and Rice Krispy kernel a few weeks ago, there was the episode of the chocolate chip (or raisin, we’re not too sure), cheese toast, unidentified crumpled morsels of paper, and who knows what else. Yesterday while driving home from lunch with her step-mother, Whitney saw that Leyland had found a rogue French fry somewhere in the car. As in old, and hard. Ewwww. Thinking she was going to eat it, Whitney scolded her and told her to put it down. Yep, you know where this is going. Right up her nose. By the time Whitney was able to safely get the car off the road and get to her, she was cramming that fat little finger of hers far into the recesses of her little nose. The French fry was gone. Using a special light, we were able to see just the tail end of the offending potato, but couldn’t reach it. We rummaged through our craft tools and found an instrument that we thought might not cause too much trauma, but after one quick try, we were afraid to do anything else. The pediatrician on call said she had to be seen, so off to the emergency room Whitney goes with both kids. (I was the lone transcriptionist on duty and could not go with her) Fortunately Lynn, her step-mom, was able to meet her there and watch The Little Man. Thankfully the emergency room wasn’t packed as usual, and they were seen fairly quickly. Who knew- the solution to the problem was to stick an air compressor hose up her other nostril, give a quick, pressurized blow, and out shot the French fry!! It was about 1.5” long. Of course I can’t stand for her to be in discomfort or pain, but I had hoped the experience would be traumatizing enough to stop her from ever doing it again. But Whitney said it wasn’t so bad, and Leyland didn’t even have time to cry, so I guess that whole traumatizing-her theory just was not to be. ….sigh…. I just talked to Whitney a little bit ago and she said this morning’s buried treasure was a sticker from a children’s book. Honestly. I don’t know where she finds these morsels of things to put up her nose. We are watching her like a hawk, and keeping all things noseworthy out of her reach. I wonder if they make tiny little filter screen things for little noses?

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  1. Ewww...

    And my mother asks why I haven't given her grandbabies yet!