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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hop On Pop

It's another chilly morning here in NE Ga. I imagine there will soon be frost on the pumpkins. This is my all-time favorite season of the year, but unfortunately this time I've had a nasty sinus cold for almost four weeks now, that I just can't seem to shake. I've been cooped up inside working like a demon for the past few weeks as well, so I haven't been able to enjoy the season, or the scents associated with it that I love so. But I'm sure I must be on the mend, and by next weekend I plan to be all better. DJ and David (and the rest of the crowd) are back from the beach. That makes me feel better already. :::smile:::

A quick shout-out to my aunt Peg! She underwent a breast biopsy this past Monday, and on Thursday got an all-clear report! Thank you Jesus!!!

I'm missing church today- my dad is in the hospital and will be undergoing an endoscopy procedure around noon today, and I want to be there. He started bleeding again on Wednesday, but since this is not unusual for him, he knows what to do, and started his liquid diet. He thought it had stopped, but on Friday night it returned with a vengeance, requring a trip to the ER, where they promptly did a workup and admitted him. His gastroenterologist wasn't on call, so he's seeing the GI guy covering the weekend, who will be doing the procedure today. My mom said that after dropping him off at the ER entrance, parking the car and returning to the ER, they already were taking him back to a room and at times there were four or five folks in there working with him. They really hopped to it! The ER doctor was in the room before he even had time to take off his shirt!! We're certainly not accustomed to that kind of service. Normally in our ERs there is a three to four-hour wait. We figured it would be really bad on a Friday night. However, I am sure his recent open-heart surgery puts him a little higher on the triage list. At any rate, I'll be spending some time at the hospital this afternoon. Hopefully it's just the diverticulitis acting up again and not something new. We'd appreciate some prayers for Pop today!

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