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Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Very Busy Day!

The day started pretty early at my house, like all my Saturdays. After my morning shift for the hospital ended, it was time for some major cleaning. Whitney and Dustin took the kids to the Fall Festival in Watkinsville today. (Mary is here this weekend and was so excited about going!!) So I had the house to myself for a few hours, which made it easier to get some chores done. I'm still looking at a pretty big mess in my office, though, and I haven't seen the top of my desk in days. I'm about to take care of that right now, do some work for Dr. F., then perhaps I might actually make it to the craft room later this evening. Unless I'm just too doggone tired to attempt it. Leyland has so much fun when Mary comes to visit. For some reason, she has always called her "B". Now she has advanced to "Maaeee" (Mary without the r sound). She just shrieks and howls with laughter and gets so excited she looks like she will jump out of her skin. They're really cute together. I got a few good photos of them this morning watching tv and "reading". I'll post them here as soon as I get them uploaded. Tomorrow will be another busy day- church in the morning, then work in the afternoon/evening. Monday will be here before I know it, and time to start all over again!! I'm wondering how Joe The Plumber is doing this weekend. He's had a pretty rough couple of days, I'll bet. He probably wishes he had never heard of Obama or McCain. Enough procrastinating- I must finish my chores and settle in for the evening. I hope I can stay awake for Sarah's debut on SNL. That will hafta be hilarious. Happy Saturday Night!!

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