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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Morning After / Bon Appetit!

My thoughts on the debate last night are surprisingly few. If I had his ear this morning, this is what I would say to our republican candidate: Senator McCain, you should forfeit your spot on the podium this coming Wednesday night and let Sarah do your debating for you. I’m still voting for you, and I still think you’re the lesser of the two evils, as it were, but man you gotta do something about your public persona. Your delivery stinks. I have tried to be very diligent to bone up on policies (both sides, not just yours), and though I’m not crazy about (what I understand of) all your policies, I am even less so with Obama’s. It’s a done deal for me. I’m voting for you. But there are still a large number of undecided people out there, and regardless of your platform, there are people who are going to vote for you (or not) based on how they perceive you as a person. You need to take charisma lessons from Senator Obama, who has fooled millions of people with his smooth-talking, winning ways. Of course running the country is more than being voted “Miss Congeniality”, but before you can hold the office, you’ve got to win the election.

Now, a shout-out to my lovely daughter!For the past two evenings, my palate has been delighted with the culinary achievements of my firstborn. Actually, my only-born. Like her ability to solve math problems even in her sleep, she has swam outside my DNA pool to inherit a knack for cooking. And doggone it, she has surpassed even my mom on two dishes. Well, one’s a dish, one’s a bowl. Her chicken stew could pass muster with even Daddy Bill, I believe, and her meatloaf is to die for. She was a bit distressed last night, saying she didn’t have enough bread crumbs, so she substituted crushed up Corn Flakes. (We decided not to tell Dustin until after he ate it. He packed it for lunch today, so I’m guessing he liked it.) Not only was it an acceptable substitute, it was exceptionally delicious!! Perfect texture and moistness factor. Way to go Whitney!! I had a Heavenly David Steak on Saturday night and enough for leftovers on Sunday night. We’re having dinner at GiGi’s tonight for Ryan’s birthday, so that will be five nights in a row of scrumptious, home-cooked meals. So, what’s for dinner on Thursday, Whit?

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