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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kitty Surprise!

DJ called last night on the way home from choir and wanted me to meet her in my driveway. When I out out there, she was grinnin' like a cheshire cat. And speaking of cats, she had a special suprise for me from The Boys. (I kitty-sat while they were at the beach, popping in every day to give The Boys fresh water and canned kitty cuisine) It seems that KoKo and Kobe had her pick up a thank-you surprise for me while she was gone. Lo and Behold.... a fabulous new beach umbrella!! I guess she has never forgotten that traumatic day (for me) at the beach when my umbrella went psycho, and caused me all manner of distress. I finally threw it in the trash. I was so sad. I searched and searched for a new one before I took my trip back in September, but couldn't find one. Now I have a brightly-colored personal umbrella that has pouch thingies on the base so you can fill them with sand, or your favorite beverage or whatever ballast you choose, to keep it steady in the ocean breezes. What fun! I can't wait to try it out. Thanks DJ and David! Errrrr.. I mean.. Thanks KoKo and Kobe!!!

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  1. You're welcome Auntie Cathy! Thanks for taking good care of us!!!

    Kobe & Koko