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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Hammer Heard Round The World

Shh... listen... what's that I hear? Lo and behold, I do believe it is the tap, tap, tap of Mr. Buddy's hammer! We were so disappointed last week when construction was delayed by rain. Then this week, the predicted sub-freezing temperatures resulted in another delay. However, this morning Mr. Buddy says that he will have time to lay the blocks and let them "set" before the temperature drops tonight. Yippeee!!! Of course, this means I had to make a frantic dash about the house, blazing a trail through baby swings, bouncy things, and all manner of infant/toddler paraphernalia, to make way to the bathroom, in case the fellas think it's too cold outside to use a tree. Then there's the sorted laundry on the bathroom floor that must be concealed in the closet, and I'm assuming they might deserve a fresh, clean hand towel instead of the sleeve of my sweatshirt.... you know, those kinds of things to take care of. Alas, for the next 30 minutes, maybe, the floor in the den is cleared of rattles, musical toys and stuffed animals, and the bathroom is presentable. Okay, fellas, if you gotta go, let's do it soon, before bedlam takes over again.

On a sad note, Leyland has strep throat again. She was acting a little lethargic most of the day yesterday, and about 3:15 crawled up in Whitney's lap, pointed to her ear and said "Mommy, hurt", and she felt a little feverish. Off they go to see Dr. Bo, fully expecting the diagnosis of an ear infection. Much to our surprise, the Rapid Strep test was a raging positive, even before the usual amount of time had lapsed for the test. More of the bright pink bubble-gum flavored amoxicillin. I am very happy to report, though, that she slept good all night, and this morning has no fever, and seems to be her usual precious little self. Thank You Jesus for that!

I'm in the throes of multitasking today and tonight, as the final preparations are currently under way for the girls' trip tomorrow. We're all so excited! Hopefully we won't have to go out into the woods to scavenge for firewood this time. Last time we went, the furnace was on the blink, and it was freezing cold. We were finally able to build a fire in the wood-burning stove in the basement, and we were toasty in no time. It will be nearly dark when we arrive, so hopefully the house will already be warm. My to-do list for tonight is quite long, and I suppose I'll be burning some serious midnight oil. That's half the fun of going somewhere, though... the anticipation and the gettin' ready part!

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that the Extreme Makeover: Carport Edition, is officially under way!! I'll post progress photos as we go along.

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