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Sunday, January 25, 2009


By the time I post this, Imogene will probably be in kitty heaven. She was one of the sweetest kitties I ever knew, a lovely gray tabby, and I am so sad to learn that she was to be put down this morning. She was the co-owner of my neighbor JJ, (you know, kitties always think they are the owner and we are their pets) who lived across the street from me when I lived in Winder. She and her litter-mate-brother Fitzgerald moved onto my street a couple of years after I moved in, and we became fast friends. Tommy, JJ's husband, was owned by a lovely Holstein bob-tail kitty named Frizz, who sadly had to be put down last year. Now there's just Fitzgerald to keep them company. Imogene was a diabetic kitty, and it was my pleasure to take care of her insulin shots and special needs when JJ was away. Around four years or so ago, they packed up and moved out to Arkansas, where they bought a little farm, where the kitties had lots of room to roam and play. JJ called me yesterday saying that Imogene had steadily declined, and seemed to be much worse on Friday. She has befriended a veterinarian out in the wilderness country, who has been very attentive to Imogene and came out on Friday and gave her some fluids. She had perked up a little by Saturday, but JJ knew the time had come, and called her friend to arrange for euthanasia this morning. Tommy and JJ never had any little human children, so their four-legged balls of fur have been their babies. Folks who do not have pets just don't get it. Even though I had my own human child, I still always loved my kitties and it grieved me deeply when I would lose one. Imogene was a sweet, gentle, playful, loving little kitty who was happiest curled up in JJs lap, or on her pillow at night. The only thing she asked for was a sparkle ball to bat around when she felt like it, and JJs unconditional love. Sweet little kitty, I hope you are at peace now. May your kitty heaven be filled with sparkle balls! JJ, you'll be okay-- it will hurt for a long time, but you were a very good "pet" for her for 16 years, and though it was a terrible thing to go through, it was the merciful thing to do. I hope you can feel my hugs. I'm thinking of you today.

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