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Thursday, January 1, 2009


How many times have I made New Year Resolutions- only to have my good intentions crumble before the end of January? I've decided this year that I will simply create a Suggested List Of Things I Hope To Accomplish in 2009 (That, Without A Series Of Miracles, Probably Won't Happen This Year Either).

Here are a few of the items on my list:
1. Take medications as directed. Daily.
2. Make better food choices. Hourly.
3. Tidy up the house. Daily.
4. Get a good night's sleep~ every night.
5. Stay on task during my work day. Hourly.
6. Stick to my Dave budget. Daily.
7. Actually use the Dancing With The Stars workout videos (and have fun learning to dance!) Daily.

How about you? Any resolutions (or List Of Things You Hope To Do) that you are making this year?

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