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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Lookit Those Clean Floors!!

Whoa! Last night Whitney and I put together the Bissell steam mop that I purchased on Black Friday. It was the first chance we've had to do any real cleaning for quite a while. (And the fact that the contractors will probably need to use the potty while they are working motivated me to clean up that mess in my bathroom!) My hair requires copious amounts of spray to keep it in place, once it is symmetrically shaped and styled. As a result, my bathroom floor is exposed to a constant falling mist of this glue-like substance. I'm also a Shower-To-Shower fanatic, and this has residual effects of its own. Imagine- a layer of powder, a layer of hairspray, leaving behind a sticky floor. Add to that, every time someone walks across the floor, any tiny speck of dirt on their feet, gets glued to my floor. It was almost to the point where I could have made a nice engraving out of the gunk on my floor. (Okay, mom... not quite THAT bad... don't come over here and get all over me) It was pretty bad, though. I had little hope that the steam mop would actually be able to cut through the residue. Whoa, Baby! It was a miracle!! Whitney and I were practically fighting over the steaming, whirring little mop! I am amazed. I had planned on getting the Shark one, after watching an infomercial on TV. However, I did some online research (reading reviews from owners), and the Bissell mop got far better reviews than the Shark. Now I think I'll go to the site and leave my endorsement as well. I gotta tell ya, if that thing can clean those atrocious floors in my bathroom, it deserves the Steam Mop Of The Century award!!!

Oh, and by the way. I did finally get my Christmas photos scanned, so my next post will hopefully be chock full of this year's celebration, as well as some vintage photographs that I wanted to share. Just to whet your appetite, there's a photo of me at age 10 standing in front of a scraggly tree, snaggletoothed, with curlers in my hair. Too Funny! You won't want to miss those!!

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