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Saturday, January 24, 2009

How Great Is Our God

Wow. A friend of mine sent an e-mail with a link inside. Most of you know that I don't play the "forward" games, and often I don't click on links to funny little stories, simply because I don't have time. (And quite honestly, rarely the inclination.) This particular friend is a woman I met about 12 years ago when I was doing an on-line Bible study class. It was the neatest thing. We'd go into a private chat room, and our leader would give us Scripture. We would take turns "reading" it by typing it into the text box. (Being a transcriptionist, I was the fastest typist, and they loved it when it was my turn to "read"!) Anyway, it was incredible, the cyber friends I made from all corners of the nation, and we "met" every week. The friend I mention above lived in Atlanta, and after phone calls and private e-mails outside of Bible study, we became good friends. I invited her to come stay with me one weekend. My mom just about had a duck. She told me I was crazy-- this woman might be an axe murderer.. and I had to promise to call her and check in with her to let her know that I was indeed still among the living, and hadn't been torn limb from limb by this mad, crazed woman I met on the internet. So we laughed it off and she called herself my axe murderer friend for a long time. She married a minister and several years ago they moved to the cold, frigid northeast- somewhere in Pennsylvania, I believe, to pastor a very small church. The farthest thing from an axe murderer I could imagine, Joyce is a very deeply spiritual woman whose faith has carried her through many heartaches and hard times. Now they struggle with pastoring a very small church in a non-affluent region, and they have truly learned how to live on God's provision, and have trusted Him to supply their needs. All that to say this.... if she sends a link and says it is awesome, that's enough for me. Today I had a little listening time on my hands while cleaning my room, so I clicked on the link to the YouTube video. Awesome doesn't begin to describe it. If you, in any way, are interested, amazed feel reverant to the majestic creations of the universe, you'll enjoy this video very much. It's not a hellfire/brimstone, shame-on-you, send-me-money kind of preacher video. It is very scientific in nature, and even if you are not a believer, I think some of the astronomy and biological information will be interesting. I was enthralled with the videos (there are five separate ones, each from 8-10 minutes long). I invite you to take a look, and be awe-inspired as I was. It's really cool.
Let me know what you think.

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  1. I'd almost forgotten about "the axe murderer." Yes, I've come a long way since that time, and may be have been "redeemed." I have very fond memories of those days on IM and the weekends I spent at your house. "The Axe Murderess!"