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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Capitis Sanditis

Seems that the reality of getting older is more evident every day. Not necessarily because of the way I feel, but because of the number of doctor/hospital visits I've had (and scheduled for) lately. When I went for my yearly physical, I asked my doctor for a 50,000 mile tuneup (just turning 50 and all). I had a long list of questions about issues that, until passing the 50-mile marker, I have pretty much ignored. I'm a terrible patient. I don't test my blood sugar faithfully, I don't take my medications like I should, my eating habits are deplorable, and my exercise level is fairly nonexistent. That's pretty much a recipe for disaster. You'd think in my line of work, I'd be more conscientious. Every day I see (transcribe) patients whose most glaring diagnosis is capitis sanditis, or the dreaded head-in-the-sand syndrome. Those people who failed to take care of themselves earlier in life and who now are paying the consequences. That's my #1 diagnosis... and probably the most dangerous one of them all. Okay, enough self-flagellation... back to my 50,000 mile checkup:

My doctor was impressed with my sudden interest in getting a fix on where I stand health-wise, and once I read my list of concerns to her, she was quick to agree that we must indeed investigate. As a result, in the past week, I have seen a pulmonologist, and an electrophysiologist/cardiologist. I nearly killed myself walking (galloping) on an inclined treadmill with my heart injected with radiosotopes. I've had a chest x-ray, EKG, tuberculine test, and an extreme battery of bloodwork. In the upcoming three weeks, I am scheduled for two more doctor appointments, an echocardiogram, an overnight sleep study, and a CPAP titration study. Chances are good that I'll be wearing a space alien mask to sleep every night to help with the confounded extreme daytime sleepiness that plagues me each day as I sit and try to work. (Take Me To Your Leader....)

Now do you know why I feel old? It's hard to keep up with the medical appointments of my mom and dad, and it seems like the aunts and uncles spend most of their time in doctors' offices as well.

Something tells me that if I don't get a handle on this stuff ASAP, I'll be spending my golden years tethered to an exam table somewhere.....

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