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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Wonderful Family

Thanks to everyone who attended Mom's "surprise" birthday party on Sunday. Special thanks to my baby brother for co-hosting and co-sponsoring the event! It wasn't that I really wanted to surprise her, I just didn't want her grieving herself over the fact that we were doing something nice for her. She finds it difficult to let others do things for her, and by keeping it a surprise, she had less time to insist that I "didn't have time" or it was "too much trouble". So, I decided to keep it a surprise. And it worked. I only had to remind her once at the party to just be quiet and enjoy herself and not worry about how much time or money it took to pull it off. She graciously obliged me and set about having herself a nice visit with family. I'm not sure if she cornered Michael or not, but I'm sure if she did, he told her to can it too. (love ya mom!) Our pastor stopped by to congratulate her, and that was really sweet. We don't get together nearly often enough these days, and any cause for celebration is a great reason to gather the clan. The family was able to see my new room, as well as the Princen Room. They were thrilled at how well my room turned out, and everyone loved my Wide Load Chair. It was also my Sunday to work, so amid the commotion, I was keeping an eye on the dictation monitor, and an ear open for my phone. In all the chaos, I only took a few pictures. How sad. Anyway, thanks again to all who came to the party, all who brought stuff and all who helped in the kitchen. Couldn't have done it without ya'll! Our Family Rocks!!!!! We love you, Doris/Mom/Grandma/Gigi!!

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