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Thursday, May 21, 2009

More On The Mower

I forgot to post an update on the Lawn Mower Saga. (See edited portion of HH Gregg post) My dad and I went to Lowe's on Saturday to take the broken mower back (for the third time). At the service desk, a nice young lady called the Lawn Mower Guy to tell him we were there. I guess he must have remembered us, because the girl was just smiling into the phone, saying "it's okay"... but he didn't come up to where we were.... he just told her to refund my money and then sell me another mower for the same price. No questions, no hassles. I guess he was as tired of dealing with us as we were tired of dealing with a lemon mower. To my surprise, they even refunded the cost of the extended warranty, so that I had enough to get the extended warranty on the new one too. I'm glad to report that I was indeed smiling as we drove away with a new mower in the truck. One more good customer service experience to report. Gotta love that. Now let's hope this mower is a better-behaved machine than its predecessor!

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