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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Akins Ford Mazda - Does It Again!

You may recall an earlier post that I was very impressed with the customer service at Akins Ford-Mazda of Athens. Well, they've done it again. Dustin noticed the front driver's-side tire was in pretty bad shape on their van. They're leaving for the beach in a couple of weeks, so instead of replacing the tire with a refurbished one, it was decided to take the van down to Akins for a new set. The CS was once again fabulous, and the job was completed one day sooner than promised. (The tires had to be ordered.)

Two things that I absolutely hate to spend my money on are tires and the dentist. Thank goodness, I have healthy teeth, and my tires normally last a good long while. Two absolutely necessary expenses, granted, but painful nonetheless.

Unfortunately, Whitney had to dip into their vacation savings to pay for the tires, but fortunately, she had the money... and fortunately this happened before vacation instead of during, or after, when there for sure would be no money. A huge blessing is that Dustin has been putting in overtime hours, so there will be some vacation money for them after all. At least now they can drive to the beach on safe tires! I'm just thankful that Dustin took notice of the tires. I'm such a girl, and never even think to look at my tires, until some nice random man at the gas station, or my dad, tells me that my tires are about to split open. It would have been a disaster to have a flat (or worse, a blow-out) on the interstate with a baby, a toddler, and a 6-year-old in a van packed to the gills with various and sundry baby/kid paraphernalia.

Once again, hats off to Brad Akins and his crew for a job well done. I will worry less about my little chickadees as they travel, knowing that they will be riding on new tires.

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