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Monday, November 24, 2008

Akins Ford/Mazda- A Shout Out!

It’s Road Test Time. We’re having some moisture (I hesitate to call it rain just yet) in the area- enough to make the roads a little slippery. This is the first time my new tires will get wet. The man who pumped up my tire for me prior to purchasing the new ones, sorta spooked me with horror tales of driving in the rain on my worn tires. The next day I called all around, in true Dave Ramsey fashion, to find the best bargain for my tire money. Terri at my office suggested that I call the Akin Ford/Mazda place here in Athens, where she has bought a couple of cars. Her last tire purchase was there, and they treated her right. I phoned them, and sure enough, Mr. Ricky had the best price for the tires, and I could tell that the customer service was going to be good. And the bargain got even better! With my tire purchase I get membership into some kind of club they have, which entitles me to five free oil changes and tire rotation for the life of the tires. Pretty cool huh? In addition to that, because I’m a member of The Club, a certain percentage of every dollar I spend goes into my own personal account to be used against future dollars that I will spend. (And since the Athens Kia place has closed down, this is perfect!) My account money can be used for any car I want, so the next day, Whitney and Dustin took the Green Hornet down for a free oil change! Sweet! And even better STILL.. they gave me a rebate coupon to get $20.00 back from my tire purchase! What more can a girl ask for? An immaculately clean, comfortable waiting area which I’m sure (though I didn’t personally check) also means clean bathrooms! The customer service was superb. And I expect it would have been equally as superb even if the lovely Kim N. hadn’t been on hand to personally see to my needs. I’ve loved that gal since she was a little tyke crawling underneath the church pews. Anyhow, ya done good, Brad, with your Athens store. Keep up the good work. I’ll be back!! In the meantime, I’ll feel much better driving home in the rain today knowing that I’m no longer “showing tread”, and that my tires were mounted, balanced and my car aligned by the best. Thanks, guys!

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