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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let The Feasting Begin!!!

This morning in church, my pastor offered a bit of Thanksgiving trivia: The calorie-count consumption for most American folks on the fourth Thursday in November is... a whopping... 7,000 plus!! (There was an actual number, but my memory escapes me. I guess I got stuck on the "seven thousand" part!) My goodness. That's a lot of green bean casserole, sweet potato souffle and pumpkin pie! Oh yeah, baby! Let the feasting begin!! Tonight was our annual church-wide Thanksgiving Dinner. I made sure I got my 7,000 plus calories for sure. Except for the being-together-with-the-family thing, I like this celebration even more than the traditional gathering of the Dunahoo clan. Why you ask? Just look at these pictures, and you'll see why! There are some fabulous cooks in my family, and we always have quite a spread, but my goodness! My church family is infamous for our covered-dish dinners, and there is an abundance of any and everything you can imagine on which to stuff yourself. And I am delighted to do my part. Here are a few photos from tonight's feast: (Click on photos to enlarge. Sorry, no Scratch N Sniff feature available at this time.)
DJ & Del's Awesome Bulletin Board~~ The Spread
Random Scenes of Fellowship

Our Pastor, Bro.Gordon / My BFF D.J.
First Locust, I mean Baptist Church!

And The Beautiful Ladies Who
Make It Happen!
On a side note, for the past year in Bible Study, Bro. Gordon has been doing a study called "52 Words Every Christian Should Know". Most of the words were familiar, but there were a few about which I had never really given much thought. I can just tell you that there is ONE word I'm glad wasn't on the list. Or if it was on the list, I suppose it was Divine Providence that caused me to miss class that day. The word? Gluttony. Because if the word had been there, I'm sure the clever author would have made it fall somewhere around week number 47, which would coincide nicely with Thanksgiving, the kickoff season for holiday *gluttony*. Enjoy your week, everyone, and reflect upon all the blessings that we enjoy every day. And take the stairs a time or two to burn some of those 7,000+ calories!

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  1. Good idea! Look for 'gluttony' to be the word for this Sunday in Sunday School.