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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Trunk Or Treat

Last night was the annual Trunk Or Treat at our church. As always, it was a hugely popular event for the local ghosts, goblins, princesses, and various and sundry other characters, both ghoulish and precious. Of course, my own grandchildren were absolutely adorable in all of their cuteness, and no doubt the most photographed little sweeties of the evening. Aunt Kate came over before hand, and after driving me over to the church early, she helped Whitney get our little munchkins ready. She was a real lifesaver! And she looked cute too with her kitty ears, her nose and whiskers. Jessica and Brandon came too, and Baby Corbin was the cutest pumpkin there! There were hundreds of folks who meandered through the parking lot over the course of the evening, collecting all manner of delectable goodies before enjoying a hot dog and continuing on with their haunting down the fair streets of town. David and the Kitchen Crew cooked around 1,000 hot dogs this year, since we ran out last year after cooking only 800 or so. There were about 100 left over, but I heard several groups of people asking if there was a charge for the hot dogs and drinks, so I'm wondering if lots of folks didn't realize it was free. At any rate, 900 hot dogs is a lot of weenies! It is a wonderful ministry that my church has embraced for several years. Of course there were brochures on hand for AWANA, and our church schedule, in case there are folks who would be interested in visiting or joining our fellowship. Until a few years ago, I had never heard of such a thing, but it's really a cool set up. Folks make two lines with their automobiles, trunks facing inward, and then open up their trunks and decorate them for Halloween. The children (well, mostly children!) then go from car to car and Trick or Treat. Besides my own cute little grandbabies, my very favorite was a little girl about four or so, dressed up like a little geisha girl, complete with white face, robe thingy and chopsticks in her hair. As she would stop at each car, she would put her hands under her chin in the praying position, bow, and say "Trick Or Treat!", then she would bow again and say "Thank You". It was precious. Leyland, who doesn't even remember going last year (as the cutest kitty cat ever) was amazed and just stood there with her mouth open, watching people put something in her bucket. She'd just stand there looking, like "gimme some more", until she finally got the hang of it that there were more goodies at the next car! She was dressed as Abby Cadabby, and Mary was dressed like a fairy ballerina. Whitney made their tutus and did a great job of it! Corey was a little green and blue dinosaur. He was his usual happy self, content to sit in the stroller for most of the evening and chew on his fingers. Toward the end I just had to get him out. After all, you couldn't see his dinosaur tail when he was in the stroller!! It was so funny in the car yesterday after we picked Mary up in Gainesville: Whitney was telling her that she had made her a tutu and Leyland said "I got a tutu!" just as plain as day. She loves it when Mary comes to visit. They've been having a great time this weekend. Whitney was very clever in avoiding sugar overloads this time. She had bought the girls some special Halloween treats at the Dollar Tree, and when they got home last night she gave them a choice- trade in their buckets of candy for the goodies in their Halloween bag. Luckily, the girls made the right choice, and the candy is safely put away out of sight for them, and they're having a ball with their dollar store prizes. (Hey, there's some pretty cool stuff to be found at those Dollar Tree stores!!) It's time to start preparing dinner, so it's off to the store to pick up some baking potatoes. Dustin is grilling tonight, so I'm looking forward to a yummylicious dinner, then perhaps I'll get a renewed source of energy and clean up my messy room. As I write, Georgia is getting slammed by Florida, so unless those Dawgs tighten up and pull it off, it will be a sad night for Dawg fans. I'm posting a few Trunk Or Treat photos for your enjoyment. Happy November Everyone!!!

In addition to our busy evening, Whitney and I exercised our right/priviledge/responsibility as citizens Friday morning, and voted! I wasn't sure what to expect, with it being the last day for early/advanced voting, but even though there were about 150 folks ahead of us, my hat's off to the Barrow County Office of Elections. The process was very smooth, painless, and very efficiently coordinated. There were even neat rows of chairs in which to sit while we waited for our name to be called. We were in and out of there in 20 minutes or less. Whitney took care of some auto tag business while we were there and I visited for a few minutes with Debra, a gal that I went to school with- all the way from elementary to high school. I used to only see her when I would pick up my tag and pay my auto taxes, but now that I do that via the mail, I never see her. It was nice to say hello and catch up, if only for a few minutes. I'm glad to have the voting process completed, especially since they're forecasting rain for Tuesday. It's down to the wire now, and all we can do is wait it out. And don't forget- if you didn't get in early, dig out your rain slickers, your umbrella and your lawn chair, and join the masses on Tuesday! Just Do It!!

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