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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Calling It An Early Night

Is it Friday yet? Already it has been a long week. I did enjoy a nice nap Sunday afternoon, so that was an unexpected luxury! I noted today that I actually have SIX fun things scheduled on my calendar for this month! This Friday is GNO/scrappin' at the church, Saturday night is dinner with my SSAB, Pam. Next Friday night is GNO with BJ and DJ to celebrate our half-century birthdays. Next Saturday night it's just Grandma and The Babies (babysitting). Sunday is Thanksgiving dinner at church. Then of course Thanksgiving! I won't be doing anything that day, as our family gathering will be the Sunday following, but I can't wait for a nice, laid-back, home-alone day. Whit and her family will be spending the day with her dad's folks and probably Dustin's family. Then of course Black Friday! Whitney and I had decided not to do the Midnight Madness thing, but she's starting to waver a bit on that decision. There's no need for us to go, but she says "Mom, it's a tradition!" I think I'll sneak some Benadryl into her Pepsi about 6 p.m., and maybe she'll sleep right through it! There will be plenty enough of shopping for us on Friday. She is doing fabulous with her training on Dr. F's account, and is so excited to be earning some money of her own! Wow. That kind of sounds like more than six things. Anyway, it's shaping up to be a busy, but enjoyable month.

Today I didn't feel very well and had Terri do a quick BP check. It wasn't pretty. I went around the corner to see my physician. Oh boy. My homework: Take my blood pressure every day for two weeks, then return to the office with my BP and BS diaries, and we'll go over results of the labwork drawn today. And might I just interject here that even though Vampira was flawless and the blood-letting was painless, I am now sporting a happy little Monet on my arm. One section is cherry red, while another discolored area (nowhere near the venipuncture site) contains the full spectrum of color from both the red and blue familes. If I look closely enough, I think I can actually see the image of the Virgin Mary. Maybe I could sell my arm on E-bay. At any rate, I'm a tired, worn-out puppy, and I'm calling it, for me, an early night.

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