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Tuesday, November 18, 2008


For any of you who follow Whitney's blog along with mine, you'll notice that we often post on very similar subjects. Namely Leyland and Corey. Well, not to be outdone by Miss Whitney's latest entry, I just wanted to share a couple of new pictures with you. Every day when I look at these beautiful babies I am amazed. I wasn't the typical ecstatic grandma-to-be. In *my* mind, the timing wasn't right, there was still a degree to earn, etc, etc, etc. I was soon to learn that it's not about *me* and *my* plans. God is way smarter than me, and I believe has a purpose for every life. His thoughts are not my thoughts, and His ways are not my ways. (Thank goodness!) Grace is a wonderful thing, and the anxiety that lived in my heart was replaced by a love so powerful and strong that now I cannot imagine ever being unhappy with the "special surprise blessing" pregnancies. Because they live with me, every day I see these babies grow and learn. I am amazed. Amazed at the wonder of life. Amazed at the ability of a child to grasp new things and begin to reason. Amazed at how quickly a tidy room can become a disaster. Amazed at how cute a 2-year-old looks wearing nothing but pajama bottoms and ketchup. I am amazed at the interaction between baby brother and big sister. I am thrilled when I make eye contact with Corey, even from across the room, his little face lights up like a Christmas tree and a smile breaks out all over his face. I am so blessed. I am so much in love with my grandchildren. You know they really are waaaay better than your own kids! I am so thankful that God has placed these particular babies in our family. Would they have been different babies if *my* timeline had been followed and they were born a few years later? Who knows. I wouldn't take that chance now for anything in the world. Every day is an adventure at our house. Every day is a new opportunity to teach, to learn and to love. And if there's one thing that abounds at my house, it is the wonderful love for these precious babies. And did I say how beautiful they are? Amazing.
Leyland wearing all her hairbows at once.

This is the sweetest boy who ever lived!

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  1. Hi Cathy! Thanks for stopping by on my blog! I try to get some creative time in but is kind of difficult now that I am working 60 hours a week doing transcription from my home. Sounds like you work a lot too! Your grandkids are soooo adorable!