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Thursday, November 20, 2008


Now if you're from the south, (i.e. born and bred here, several generations over), you'll pronounce the word in my title like this: Ack seyents, with a hard emphasis on the first syllable. One of my northern Yankee friends once told me that that we southerners loved to make a one-syllable word sound like a two- or three-syllable word. Weyull, whut kin I saaay?? Nearly thirty years ago, when I first started my career as a medical transcriptionist, our local physician pool was pretty much the good ol boys from around these parts, with a few northerners every now and then. There were only two, maybe three ESL dictators (English as a second language). One of them, bless his heart, had been in the U.S. for nearly 50 years, and still couldn't (or wouldn't) speak plainly enough for us to create a decent looking report. There were more blanks than words. I willed him back from whence he came so many times... on a slow boat with many holes. Nowadays, in our mobile, and (at least for the time being) capitalist society, it seems there are as many ESL docs as there are American docs. While I've become accustomed to most of the dialects and can manage fairly well, there are a few whose names I dread seeing in my queue. I once had a private account for a nephrology office run by two doctors from India. They were from different parts of the country, and I found it very interesting that they had to talk to each other in English, as they couldn't speak the other's Indian dialect. I was reading the blog of another MT last night, and found a link to this really cool site where you click on different languages, and see how it would sound for someone from a certain region to dictate the same paragraph. I was totally entertained. I would be like "Oh, Dr. So And So is from here, let me see if it sounds like him/her". Some of them were right on the money, while others were different. (Whitney informed me I am such a nerd.) I guess it's the same way with we folk here in the good ol U. S. of A. You say potato, she says potatah. I say 'tater. Anyhow, to kill the time til 5:00 Friday (Frydee) afternoon, click here for some fun, and let me know where Stella is going and what she is buying today. Ya'll come back nayow, ya heeyer?

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