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Friday, November 14, 2008

Single-Cell Organisms

Today I’m recovering from a bad case of the amoebas. Of the gastroenteritis type. I didn’t venture from my bed all day yesterday except to puke. I tried to work last night for the hospital, honestly I did, but every time I would sit up, the amoebas would attack me again, so I finally just gave up the ghost and went back to bed. Today I just feel like I have a hangover. I’m so sore I can hardly move. My chest feels like my ribs are broken and my low back is trying to seize up on me. If I were a horse, I guess they would just shoot me. Tonight is GNO SBing at the church, and I’m not even excited about it. For sure I’m not taking all my crap down there. I am planning on working on Christmas cards tonight for as long as I can hold up.. Maybe I’ll get my second wind today and will be rarin’ to go tonight. My car is at the shop today, getting four new tires and front-end alignment, so I guess my bank account will be going into shock later today. I just hate to spend money on tires! But, thankfully, it is an expense that doesn’t come around too terribly often. Since I was beginning to “show some tread”, I figured I’d best go ahead and get it taken care of- right away! (Why do they call it “showing tread” when what has actually happened is the tread has worn down, and you’re looking at threads? Or maybe it is “showing some thread”. But I thought the guy at the service station told me I was showing “tread”. Hmmm. Another one of those great mysteries of the universe, I guess.) Update on the Virgin Mary on my arm- it now looks like a dinosaur embryo. No kiddin’. There’s a baby brontosaurus on my arm. I wonder what it will look like tomorrow? Just so long as it doesn’t look like an amoeba.

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