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Thursday, May 14, 2009

LOST Finale & Vocapeople

LOST: Wow! What a finale! Though each episode always raises more questions than it provides answers, the show last night did not disappoint! As per usual, some questions were answered, and the picture becomes a bit clearer, whereas the haze thickens in other areas. The last few minutes of the show were quite intense, and sad, (I'm a Juliet fan), and left me panting for more. Which, in my opinion, is exactly what a finale is supposed to do. Hooray for drama, boo-hiss on those anticlimactic ones that make me wish I had just gone to bed early. I hope to go back and watch some of the shows on the internet during the summer hiatus. Sad to think that the next season will be the last one, but I am looking forward to seeing how in the world they're going to pull it all together and get the loose ends tied.

Here's another Wow for you. Click on the arrow on the left underneath the box to initiate an amazing video. This is called Vocapeople. They are a group of performers who sing a capella, and use their voices to make the music. Totally amazing! Enjoy!

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