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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Corey's First Haircut

Despite Candace's threat to form a picket line to protest the occasion, Corey got his first haircut on Saturday. Well, his first "real" haircut. Whitney and I had snipped off the Eddie Munster swatches of hair a few months ago, and as a result, he had a few strands of hair that were about 4 inches longer than the rest. It looked really funny when pulled straight up. The Little Man had hair enough to put in a little pony tail on top, and I had threatened to do so... but the looks Whitney gave me when I would play with his hair stopped me cold. They are preparing to leave for the beach tomorrow, and it was decided that the unruly locks must go. Besides, that little face is just too cute to be covered in boy-bangs.

Corbin's great-grandma did the honors, and both boys got a trim. Corbin is a pro at it by now, as this was his third time in the chair. What a big boy! He sat all by himself!

Below are a few photos to document the occasion. (I apologize if they appear splattered all over the page. If I post on my laptop it looks wierd on the PC. If I post on the PC it looks wierd on the laptop. I'm not going to fight with it today.) But, you know I just had to have these pictures for the scrapbook!!! I'm already designing the pages in my mind! Thanks for looking at my two most favorite little guys in the world!


DURING (Hmmm. not so sure about this...)

_Nope, not liking this at all...
Brave Corbin!


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  1. OK....I'll admit he DID survive the traumatic incident....and looks completely adorable.....but I had to take a pill then come back and look again. ok, so I survived too...but, for the record, I am pouting!