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Friday, July 17, 2009

Ahh Fridays!

Sleeping in was wonderful this morning! It is so nice to wake up without a headache every day, and I'm attributing that to the CPAP. The headaches would be especially bad on the rare mornings when I would sleep in. Today I feel well rested, headache free, and thankful for all my blessings! Even my messy room is a blessing- it means I have a home. But I'm having a hard time getting the motivation to clean it up. I do love a neat and tidy room. It's just getting it there and maintaining it that I have trouble with. I might even d.u.s.t. today. Don't tell DJ. She's got enough stress on her these days. Let's spare her the thought that I may actually lift a dustcloth. My mom will be pleased though. Now the question remains... will I actually do it? I think once I get moving and get things done, I'll want to go ahead and complete the project. There's a plethora of attic-bound things that must be dealt with, and some scrapbook items that need to be returned to the craft room. My bathroom needs some attention, and some laundry awaits folding. Hmmm. I think I shall have a busy day. I'll be doing the greemaw thing tonight- Whit and Dustin are going to see Harry Potter with some friends. That means lots of bedtime snuggles, and hopefully a quiet evening once they go to sleep.

I talked to Delores last night, and she was feeling okay. Rather tired, as they are keeping her busy at the center, and now she has officially started the treatments. Please remember her in your prayers. She'll be taking treatments twice weekly.

Happy Anniversary to DJ and David!! Sixteen years! And to think... they met because of me. Some days she loves me for it, and some days wants to sock me one. Nah.. just kidding. David's one of a kind, and I guess we'll keep him.
Happy Friday, everyone!! Have a safe and happy weekend!