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Sunday, July 19, 2009


Saturday was probably my most favorite day of the year so far. First of all, I slept til 9:00. Yay!! I figured by sleeping so late, though I had probably missed out on Coffee On The Deck at DJs, but a quick phone call assured me that she was still enjoying the morning. I grabbed my flavored water, a SlimFast Bar, and headed over to what has become my favorite place... DJs deck. To my delight, David's breakfast run was also late- they were finishing up their biscuits and had one waiting for me. Man. Now, that's how to spoil a girl. The weather was absolutely perfect! Perfect temperature, perfect (hardly any!) humidity, and the perfect gentle breeze blowing through the trees. Normally we will sit and chat for an hour or so on Saturday morning, then get busy with our day. Neither of us was in a hurry on this particular morning, so we had a long, leisurely visit. Before we knew it the clock said 1:10 pm! What a lovely way to pass the morning. I'm so thankful for my extended family and the companionship we share. Love that deck, DJ!!! David, don't even THINK about cutting down that tree!!

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