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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Expo, Here We Come!!

This time tomorrow morning will find me sitting outside the doors of the exhibit hall, waiting for the signal to enter. Yay! One of my favorite days of the year! Girlfriend day at the Expo! This year it will probably just be DJ and I. Delores is in Texas, Tangela can't go, and Barb has a previous commitment. Mary Kay and Marynell are planning to attend, and we will meet up with them at the center. I've saved some pennies for shopping, and have a couple of things in particular that I'm hoping to find. My Expo bag is almost ready- I have energy snacks, a paper protector to avoid crumpling of any paper I may purchase, a tiny purse to hold my phone and personal items. Tomorrow morning I'll add my PBJ sandwich and some cold water to complete my Expo Survival Kit. There is food available on site, but it's expensive. We decided years ago that we'd rather save that ten bucks for shopping! After the expo we'll go out to dinner, so not to worry, we won't deprive ourselves of some good food to round out the day. The first few years are rather overwhelming, with so much to see, so many new techniques and products available. A lot of the vendors are repeats year after year, so while I love to look and see what is new with them, it has become a little easier to manage in terms of taking it all in. That's a good thing, because it leaves the brain a little room to process and enjoy the new vendors who might be there. There are all types of people at the Expo, and I enjoy the people-watching aspect of it as well. I particularly enjoy seeing the different T-shirts worn by some of the scrappers. My favorite last year was one that said "My husband lets me buy all the scrapbooking supplies I can hide!" I thought that one was cute. Elissa sent a link to a website that has all those cute shirts for sale. It was too late to order one for this year, but maybe I'll get one for next year. Of course the "husband" one doesn't apply to me, but there are other cute sayings, such as "What happens at the crop stays at the crop", "Anything you can scrap I can scrap better", "Been there, done that, have the layout to prove it", "Scrapbooking life's moments, one page at a time", etc. We will leave the Expo pumped and ready to schedule a day of scrapping down at the church, most likely with some newly-purchased supplies, just burning a hole in our pockets to be used.

Please remember to pray for Delores, who has had yet another delay in beginning treatment.

Happy Birthday tomorrow to Mama Jo!

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