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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blogger Mystery Solved on Facebook

I have a confession to make. I have become a Facebook junkie. I used to laugh at people who couldn't be away from their computers or blackberry phones without going into DTs, because of Twitter and Facebook. I even posted about the silliness of tweeting. I must confess that I finally surrendered and signed up for Twitter. It was a special moment. Ha. Not really. I only did it thinking I could keep up with Whitney and her family while they were at the beach. But she was so busy having fun she didn't tweet at all. Apparently I signed up for Facebook a while back, but didn't remember doing so (Ain't senility grand...), because when I attempted to set up an account, that "email address already exists on Facebook." Whatever. At any rate, I signed up, and was a bit disappointed. It just didn't *feel* right, and I found myself confused at who could see what, etc. Finally I got the hang of it, and must admit that oftentimes during the day, I FEEL THE NEED to hop over there for just a minute and see what's going on. And to see if anyone has written me to say how beautiful my grandbabies are. It really has been fun to click on a friend, then see who their friends are, and who their friends are.... etc.... until I find myself so deeply embedded within the bowels of Facebook that I wonder if I'll ever find my way home. At least I don't have to worry with leaving bread crumbs. There's a handy-dandy little button up at the top of the page that says "Home". After all. There really is No Place Like Home.

But I digress. You probably want to know what the mystery is about, and how it was solved on Facebook. When readers post comments on this (most) blogs, there are several methods of identification. You can sign as an anonymous poster, or use your google sign in (on this one) and one other way... it escapes me right now. I have encouraged my anonymous-commenting friends to please type their name at the end of the comment, so I can know who in the world is reading my blog, and talking to me. I have a little widget at the bottom left-hand side of the blog that keeps a list of blog hits. Doesn't tell me the name, but the city or network of every blog hit. Man. That drives me crazy. I have people all over the world who pop in to read my blog. And I wanna know who they are!! Especially if someone posts a comment. Come on, ya'll... don't you know I inherited the Snoop Sister gene from my mom and aunts... I must know! Don't leave me in suspense!! Sometimes someone will come here from Google when searching for random things like "buzzards", or "carport makeovers". I sometimes wonder what these people think when they click on my blog and see pictures of my grandbabies or read my rant about the weatherman, or my rambling about childhood memories. I'd venture to say it probably wasn't what they were Googling for.

Back to FB. I have looked up many old school friends and reconnected. I've had some old school friends look me up and we've connected. What fun! Tonight I was going to make my routine "quick stop" on FB before showering and crankin' up the CPAP. Lo and behold, I had a new friend request!! I was delighted to accept, as I hadn't heard from this person in a very long time. Let's just call her Cindy P. When I signed onto FB to accept her request, there was a message that said something to the effect that she had been keeping up with me by reading my blog! How wild is that!! We did the live-chat thing for a few minutes... and whaddyaknow... she was one of the mystery commentors!!! It was such fun talking to her and catching up. Hope to do it again sometime soon. She was so sweet to ask about Delores and say that she had been praying for her.

So here's to you, my mystery friend... I mean Cindy P.. How wonderful to *see* you on Facebook!! Now, sign your name next time you post a comment, okay???

And speaking of Delores, please, please keep the family in your prayers. She is three weeks into the clinical trial, and the going is starting to get a little rough. To make matters worse, Mama Jo (her and DJs mom) is in very, very bad shape at Emory Eastside, with a very poor prognosis. Just a really tough time for them right now.

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