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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Almost There...

Friday marked the completion of the construction phase of my room. It is FABulous. The paint has dried, the water is flowing, the lights are burning, and the ceiling fan is quietly whirring. The cable man comes tomorrow (Monday) morning for the tv/internet box installation, and the carpet goes down on Tuesday. Woo Hoo!! After that I can begin the migration to my new room. Earlier this week my mom asked me if I had started "packing". I had to just laugh, and remind her that even if I did pack up my stuff, there would be nowhere to put it. We'll just carry everything out of this room piece by piece, hanger by hanger, trash bag by trash bag. I hope to begin that task on Tuesday, when my work shift is over. My goal is to have my desk set up by Saturday evening so that I can begin my Sunday shift in the new office. That will give me most of the week, all day Friday and all day Saturday to accomplish that goal (which I must admit, at this moment feels a bit overwhelming.) The following week I plan to work in this current room, which will become Leyland's room. I think Whitney and I have decided to go with the pink/purple princess thing. Leyland's favorite color is pink, and whenever she is playing with the coloring books, she always has to have the pink crayon. And she's into the princess thing too. The other day Randy told her to do something- like pick up a toy or whatever it was- to which she politely shook her head "no" and said "unhh uhh. [no]. I'm a princen." Princen. That's how she says princess. Isn't that cute! {Well, the "no" part isn't so cute, but that's the two-year-old challenge that we're dealing with nowadays.} Randy had to bite his lip to keep from laughing, but he was able to keep a straight face. As a bonus, while I was out shopping this weekend for blinds and door stops and outlet covers and other such various and sundry (for you Whit) items, I happened upon a package of wall decals that had been reduced by about 70%, and of all things... it was Princen Stuff!!! We weren't going to take the time or money to paint Leyland's room, but I think we're going to go ahead and do it whilethere will be no furniture in here. A princen room for our sweet little princen. Anyhoo... it's looking like things are falling into place, and though the next few weeks will be super busy, I'm pumped up and ready to get it done. I'll post pictures when I can.

Friday's Scrappin' At The Church was a lot of fun. Not very productive for some of us, but the company and food are always a treat. I did get some ideas for wall art in some of the Cricut booklets, and hope to use them in The Princen Room. I think my total pages completed was a whopping FOUR. And I'm not even all the way finished with my last LO! Oh well. It was a fun evening all the same. At least by having unfinished pages, I won't have to worry about finding my starting point next time, and by the time they are completed, maybe my creative juices will be flowing and I can finish Corey's Birth Album. Yipeee!!!

Please say prayers for Delores, as she should be hearing from the Minnie Pearl Cancer Center in Tennessee this week, and also for Miss Jean, who has been diagnosed with lung cancer, as she undergoes further investigation. Her options are extremely limited, and she needs our prayers.

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