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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Weekend

Mondays have always gotten a bad rap. It's the first day of drudgery, back to the grind after being off for the weekend. Well, at least that's how it goes for the traditional Monday thru Friday worker. In the olden days, when nothing was open on Sundays except the hospital, Sundays were a day of rest. Nowadays, we're pretty much a 24/7/365 society. This means that a vast number of people must work on Saturdays and Sundays so that the rest of us have unlimited choices of ways to entertain ourselves, or run errands. There is no shortage of 24-hour Wal-Marts, Walgreens and McDonald's drive-thrus, so we are pretty much set for any type of emergency that might arise. My own personal schedule has been crazy for so many years, that "the weekend" usually just meant another work day. I can't even remember how long it has been since I only worked one job, five days a week. I feel so blessed now to have a more "normal" schedule, even though it is still not the traditional 8-5 Monday thru Friday. If that were the case, then I might be among the ones who dread Mondays. For me, Monday mornings give me a chance to ease into the day, sleep a little later than usual, and prepare my work space for the long day ahead. I work 11:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., which does make for quite a long day. But it also means I have several free hours before work. That's a little bonus for me, but it is those few hours that help me not dread the day- even though it is my longest work day of the week. It has been incredibly wonderful- being off all day Fridays and Saturdays! Being off on Fridays is like having a vacation day once a week. Remember, I'm so accustomed to working six to seven days a week that working Sundays isn't anything new for me. Have I mentioned lately that I am so grateful for my job and my schedule?? Oh Yes.

All that being said, we got lots done this weekend! My old room is now completely empty, and the walls are covered with no less than four coats of Kilz. That's how I spent my Saturday evening- trying, trying to cover up the lovely forrest green paint. It's still peeping through a little bit, but The Princen will just have to pretend that any green that seeps through is the edge of The Enchanted Forest. I used an entire gallon of Kilz, broke my roller extender poll, pinched my hand (twice.. drawing blood once), and worked muscles I forgot I even had. So whatever green shows through, will just hafta stay. I'm not fighting that battle any more. (An aside note- yesterday afternoon I couldn't find The Princen. I saw the door open to her new room. When I went in there, she stood up, paintbrush in hand and said "I do it". Fortunately the brush was dry. I'm thinking it was a mistake to let her see me painting on the wall!)Whitney had found a Princen comforter that she wanted, so we decided to see if our Target had it in stock. Save on those shipping charges, ya know. We did find it in the store, but it was a full size, and we wanted twin. We asked an associate if there were any more, and to our surprise and delight.... it was on clearance for $14.99!!! They still didn't have a twin size, but for $14.99, we bought the full size and will either cut it off or just let the overhang be on the wall-side. How's that for a bargain!!! I also found a really cool wire organizer thingy with shelves and drawers on clearance at Target. I assembled it yesterday morning, and it is perfect for my bathroom! My mom came over on Saturday and sorted through clothes, separating and bagging them for attic storage. Now that my desk and bed are set up in the new room, priority one is getting Leyland's new room finished. As such, when I emptied the remaining contents of that room, everything ended up on the floor in here. Last night when I finished working, I sorted through it all, and put away a good bit of it, gathered up the trash, and put the attic-bound items together. You can see the floor now!

It was a very busy weekend, but I am pleased with the progress. Day one of my work week is behind me and this morning my Monday isn't so bad at all! Happy Monday, everyone!
Continue to remember Delores in your prayers. She goes to Tennessee on Thursday for a second opinion at the Minnie Pearl Cancer Center.

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