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Saturday, February 7, 2009


Well, actually it's Saturday. I am feeling quite refreshed this morning! Though it was late when I finally went to sleep last night (ummm actually this morning- last time I looked it was 1:05 a.m.), I slept until 9:30 this morning! And I probably would still be asleep if Mr. Buddy hadn't rang the doorbell! It was wonderful! And the best part of all, I didn't wake up with a headache. Usually when I sleep in, I wake up with a nagging headache, that if I can't get rid of quickly, will linger with me most of the day. So I'm taking that as a sign: today will be a good day! I need for it to be a very productive day. But back to yesterday. Yesterday was a good day. I watched the munchkins while Whitney went for a dental appointment. [Now I'm feeling really old these days- the dentist she saw is a "little boy" that I knew back in the early 80s. His parents are best friends with Nany and Pawpoo, and I used to tease him about 'chitlins'- though memory fails me as to why. Anyway, that he is old enough to have gone through a gazillion years of college and has been in practice for a few years makes me feel old.] Okay. I keep getting off track about yesterday. I put in a couple of hours with the hospital to make up for being out on Wednesday afternoon. I am pleased with my productivity for this pay period, and look forward to payday next week! I worked a tiny bit on my Dave financial plan for the next month, and anticipate getting my tax stuff together sometime today so Miss Shirley can send in my returns. After all that, I took the afternoon to run some errands in Athens. I had skipped lunch and by around 4:00 I was ready to eat my own fists, so I decided to go to Ryan's and have myself a little graze-fest. I called Terri at AOA to see if she would join me, and we had a lovely visit over hot yeast rolls, salad, barbeque, steak and a tater. Well, I'm not sure what she ate, I was so busy salivating all over myself, literally chomping at the bit to get some food in my mouth. It was yummy. Still nowhere near a David steak, but it was truly yummy. I think chocolate-covered chitlins would have been good to me by that time! I picked up some Valentine goodies for the babies, got myself a bargain on some Skechers clog-like shoes at Goody's (boo hoo- they are closing their stores), and walked around a while in Hobby Lobby. Didn't buy anything in there, though. When I got home, Leyland and I played with her new crayons and color book til bedtime. Whitney, Dustin and Corey went to visit some friends. Sweet little munchkin when to bed without a peep. Friday was a good day. Today has started off on a lovely note (see sentence #2), and I'm hoping to get lots done today. My coffee is ready, I'm fixin' to make some cheese toast for Leyland and me, the washer and dryer are going already, and several loads of clean laundry await their folding on my bed. Yes, I think it will be a good day.

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