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Friday, February 20, 2009

Moving Continues

My empty room is very slowly becoming populated. In a most chaotic way, mind you. The goal for today is to get my bed moved so that I can spend my first night in here tonight. The bed is stripped and ready to be taken down... but shall have to wait until after much fortification with coffee and a slice or two of cheese toast (protein to help my muscles, you know...). My dad hung the blinds yesterday, so that with a little twirl of the wand thingy, I can sheild myself from all the outside world. Now if I can only find the blinds for the window in the bathroom, I'll be all set privacy-wise. Oh yes, the gremlins are having a field day with all this madness. Things disappear almost before my very eyes. Hopefully some of the items long missing will turn up as I tackle the abyss under the bed. Who knows, I might even find Jimmy Hoffa under there cavorting with the dust bunnies. And speaking of dust. My desk has been in here less than three days and there is already a thin coat of dust on the hutch. How can that be? I'm destined to be the Queen of Dust, I suppose. I once had this little knick-knack thingy that was a little chalkboard that said "You may touch the dust, but please do not write in it." So very appropriate for my house. Dusting is such a waste of time. (As proven by the coat of dust on my desk.) DJ hates dusting as much as me, and whenever one of us does undertake the chore, we'll call the other and say "Are you sitting down?", which is the Code Phrase for- "I have taken up a cloth and dusted the furniture." Be assured the Code Phrase is not often used. Okay- back to The Move. I'm pumped today. Whitney and the kids will be gone most of the morning. I'm going to find some funky music to keep me bouncing, and as Gigi says... GET AT IT!!!!! (hold out the "get" for a long, long time). After I finish my coffee, of course.

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  1. It really is a small world! LOL
    I posted on the ckmb blog roll and your name was above mine. We live in the same state,are about the same age, both have grandchildren and both work in the medical profession, oh and ofcorse we both scrap! Carla