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Sunday, February 1, 2009


My mom called this morning with some terrible news. Her best friend, Pat, died last night. We are just stunned. It doesn't seem real. Miss Pat has been a fixture in my life since my early teen years, when she taught my Sunday School class. Her oldest son and my brother were best friends and are still close today. She and my mom have been close like sisters for many, many years. She is family. I remember during our turbulent mother/teenage-daughter years, many was the time that I would call Miss Pat and cry and vent, and she would calm me. Other times, when my mom would be going through especially tough times, I would call Miss Pat, who would always be there for my mom. She was one of the finest ladies I have ever known. She and her husband, Mr. Bobby, were able to live their dream- even though for a short while- they both have a heart for mission work, and for a while they lived in their camper down on the coast. I don't remember the details, but it was some kind of mission at a seaport where men coming off the freighter boats could go. If I remember correctly, health issues called them back home, but they have always been hard workers in the church and just a delight to anyone who knows them.

I don't know any details surrounding the incident last night, other than she had a stroke, and the doctors did all they could do to save her. My mom was just too upset to get any other information. This will be tough on so many people. Mr. Bobby lost his dad not so very long ago, and is still grieving from that. Miss Pat was his princess, and he adored her the way every woman would want to be adored by her husband. He will need our prayers in a fierce kind of way. Though my mom hasn't fully absorbed the news, this will be tough on her too. Years ago she lost another best friend when Miss Carolyn suffered a stroke-like illness, and the family actually had to make the terrible decision to disconnect life support and let her go. She was devastated by that, but at least spent some time with her and was able to tell her goodbye before they disconnected her. I know that Miss Pat would much rather be with Jesus today than live on, not able to care for herself, or in a vegetative state. None of us would ever want that, but she worked in a nursing home for many years, and saw people like that every day.
Please keep her family (Mr. Bobby, BJ & Teresa and children, Russell & Michelle and children) and all those who loved her, in your prayers. And as I always say... if you love someone, be sure to tell them. Today if possible!

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