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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Fort Yargo

Sunday Whit and Dustin took the babies to the park, where a marvelous time was had by all. She called to tell me a really funny story... but she alarmed me when she said.. "Let me preface it by saying that everyone is okay...." Goodness gracious.. my heart was pounding! At any rate, I was forbidden to blog about it until she got the chance to. She accuses me of beating her to the punch and blogging the baby stories (could it be because I have no life of my own????)... so I have obliged her and refrained from telling the funny story. Therefore, in an effort to save my poor overworked fingers some typing, I'll just link you to the story. Click here for a really funny story, some precious photos and a couple of short videos to enhance your imagination.

Birthday Greetings go out today to Whitney's dad Randy. Happy Birthday Papa!!!

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  1. Hi...I live in NE Georgia too. :) We moved here from Washington State in 2003. When we went to Fort Yargo last year we thought it was all about the Fort. We didn't realize the fort was so tiny and that it was just a big park. I am glad they had such a fun time.