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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Today! It's Today!

Those are the first words to one of Leyland's favorite movies, Stuart Little. The little boy is excited because it's the day his parents are going to adopt a little brother for him. (Now if you've seen the silly movie, you know that instead they come home with a little mouse. A mouse that can talk to the people, and can talk to the cats. It always disturbs Whitney that the mouse can talk to the people, but the cats can't. Pretty much a stupid movie, but cute in a stupid kind of way.) Anyway. When we get excited about something and the big day arrives, that's what we say. "It's Today! It's Today!"


My office is officially moved into the new room! And I use the word "office" very lightly here- because right now my "office" consists of my desk, my chair, the plastic thingy on the carpet, and all the electronic gadgets and miles of wiring and cable needed to connect me to the outside world (i.e. the hospital). That's it. No drawers in the desk, no pencils or paper or sticky notes, no reference books. Just the desk, chair, plastic thingy and computers. But it is WONDERFUL! And I'm working from here today, and so very happy about it.

Hopefully by the weekend I'll have my blinds installed (ya'll know I love to work in my jammies, and I'm sitting right here in front of a big, bare window) and my bed moved. I slept on the sofa last night because my bed is piled high with all manner of things (crazy things... like a poster Whitney made in the 10th grade about her family that I just can't get rid of, reference books, the drawers from my desk, a lamp, framed photos from my desk, candles and whatever else happened to be on my desk {which included one of the mop heads from my new steam mop, nail polish remover, a lint roller, a bowl of very old candy, envelopes and stationary for Dr. F, my 2007 tax papers, my prescription medications, some of Leyland's DVDs, dental floss, one of DJs books, a Passport external hard drive, photograph CDs... you know, just the everyday stuff you'd find on your desk....} )and I was too tired to clean it off. So I'm looking forward to getting back into my comfy bed soon. Sleeping on the sofa for more than one night just doesn't cut it. Anyhoo... just wanted to post that I am now working from the new office!
And might I just add.... YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!

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