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Monday, March 16, 2009

Christening of the Princen Bed

Into each life, a little rain must fall. Or in our case, make that vomit. Poor Leyland has been a sick little girl, and last night was sick all over herself, her mommy, and her Princen Bed. The Little Pumpkin had been running a fever all afternoon, and complaining that "it hurts" pretty much no matter where you touched her. I was afraid of flu, and concerned even more that she'd have to be admitted for IV fluids. And THAT, is a near-impossible feat even when she is not dehydrated. She had eaten little, and hardly drank anything at all, and fevers ranging between 101 and 103.8. Such a listless little ragdoll. I was at Wal Mart after midnight getting Pedialyte (which of course she refused. it is pretty nasty!) This morning Dr. Edwards has diagnosed strep throat (again!) and hand-foot-mouth disease, a nasty virus that causes ulcers in the mouth. We've been fortunate this past year with her, that her sickly spells have been fewer and farther between compared to her first year of life. Whitney told me she had just read in a magazine that by the time a toddler turns three, one should expect a true vomiting episode. With all her illnesses in the past, this is the first time this has happened, and it scared her to death.

It has been a strange weekend at the 409, for sure. I have been plagued with my mom's RLS/insomnia for the past two nights, and when I do go to sleep, there are strange dreams/nightmares, after which I wake up with a pounding headache/neckache. I guess it's a good thing we're not horses. I hear they shoot them when they get sickly. My laptop died, and I was terribly upset- because I have yet to back up all the photos I have uploaded, even though I purchased an external hard drive at Christmas. There has been a miraculous recovery, though- and yesterday when I tried it, after a Vista (boo hiss) update was downloaded, everything seems to be fine.

Other than these things, it's a lovely day in the neighborhood. Well, actually it's pretty nasty outside- cold and rainy, but we'll try to stay optimistic, and always remember to count our blessings. Please say prayers for Baby Leyland to get well soon, and for Baby Corey to stay well.

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