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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Girls' Night Out

Another GNO at the church for scrapbooking last night! As always, it was a very enjoyable day/evening, with lots of paper snipping, glueing, chirping (Cricut), and enjoying the memories captured on the photographs we work with. I guess maybe I am feeling my age a little bit these days- when we first started having our crops at the church, I could hold out till 2 a.m., but I just can't do that any more. When we go on our retreat to Highlands, I can stay up really late, but that's an entirely different atmosphere. Last night I was home by 11:30! I was pretty wound up, though, and not very sleepy. Everyone else was tucked in to bed, there was nobody to talk to, so I decided to sit down and work on some Sleep Studies, since I had planned to get up Saturday morning and do them anyway. After about three reports, though, my computer froze up. So I just gave it up and went on to bed. Up again this morning, and now the job is done. I don't normally work on Saturdays any more, but last Sunday during the snow "storm", my power kept flickering on and off, requiring multiple re-boots, so I only got in about three hours of work. In this business- no keystrokes- no pennies. So I felt like I needed to make up some time (money) to compensate for the pennies I earned on Sunday. Now that chore is complete and before me lies the wreckage that is my office/room. I'm about to try to get some of the chaos under control- get some things up into the attic, put some more things away, etc. Then tonight it's Party Time With Baby Brother! Tomorrow starts another work week, and life goes on!
Please remember to pray diligently for Delores.

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