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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mother Love

There is no love more fierce than a mother's love for her child(ren). No river too swift, no mountain too high to separate the love of a mother from those to whom she has given life. Every mother will attest to that. (Well, except for the ones you see on 20/20 who are horrible parents, but I'm talking about normal folks like you and me.) Mothers don't have to be famous, or "important" people to love their children. It is a bond that is not understood by the male persuasion, nor is it understood by our daughters... until they themselves give birth to their own. I have witnessed that up close and personal since Whitney has given birth to her children. It is an amazing thing. Being a mom often requires things of us that never before would we have considered. I remember a co-worker laughing hysterically at the necklace I wore to work one day... lovingly created by my daughter at Bible School out of beautiful macaroni noodles and glitter. I warned her to not laugh too loud.. her day would come. And sure enough, a few years later, the "artwork" of her children adorned the walls of her office, and I believe I might even have noticed some fine macaroni jewelry about her neck before it was all said and done. (I guess macaroni jewelry is a Bible School staple, huh?) We make crazy noises and faces when they are babies. We play in a most undignified manner outside with them as they grow. Our blood pressure rises when they come up to bat. We cry at their dance and piano recitals. We stay awake late at night waiting for them to come home from a date. We beam with pride when they graduate, go to college, and go out to conquer the world. We give them away to their spouse when they get married. We hold our breath when their babies are born. We go places we would never, ever consider going, to applaud their accomplishments. AHA..... Therein is the point of my post. My mother, who would rather have her leg amputated without anesthesia rather than go into a bar, is doing one of those motherhood things this weekend, and is going to see my brother's band perform!!! YAY!!!! Michael plays in a Journey Tribute band called Departure. (Remember Journey from the 80s?) They have done really well, and stay booked every week. The elderlings (parents, aunts, uncles) have wanted to hear him play- not because they are huge music fans, but because they love him, admire and respect his talent. This particular venue is better suited for the Codger Club because of its sheer size. (They can sit in the back where it isn't quite so loud). We are so excited! There are 14 of us (family) going to hear them this Saturday night. Unfortunately for my mom, it is a club (which has a bar). But I am so proud of her! It's one of those mom things- sometimes you go places you'd rather not go, but you do it anyway. She is excited about hearing the band. We're all excited about "going out" together. What a funny, unusual gathering this will be. But it's all because we love Michael and want to support him. And the band is really, really good- I'm a die-hard Journey fan for many years, so fortunately it is music that I already like. Anyway, I just had to tell you about my mom going to a bar, and explain why. Mom, if it will make you feel any better, I'll wear my macaroni necklace.

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  1. this is so funny (yet so true)

    I told her the story of when we were playing in Charlotte I looked up and saw some woman dancing across the floor like there was no tomorrow. she must have thought so, because she left her skirt and undies back at her table. unfortunately, security ensured her a quick exit.

    I have left instructions with the bouncers to keep an eye on mom and the girls, just in case they get the urge to streak across the stage. we seem to have that effect on the elderly.

    Unplug the hearing aids and charge up the pace makers- Departure is in the house!

    Wild Bill's will never be the same.