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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Snoop Sisters Rock Wild Bill's

It has been a few days since I posted, so it's time to catch up. Saturday night was exceptional fun! Those present at Wild Bill's to hear Departure included yours truly The Big Sister, Linda, Diane, Sharon & Johnny, Mom & Dad, Peg & Billy, Joyce & Gene, Ricky and Sheree, Ryan and a group of his friends. Along with about a gazillion other folks! It was a great night, and the band was fabulous. Baby Brother made us proud!! It was so funny watching the Snoops and the BIBs. {Allow me to insert a glossary, for those of you not familiar with Dunahoo-Speak. Definition- Snoop Sister: a person of the female persuasion who sometimes clandestinely, sometimes blatantly, will go to no end to find out everything they possibly can about everything and everybody. In any given situation. I kid you not. Homeland Security's got nuthin' on these gals! The Charter Snoop Sisters are [in no particular order] My Mother. My Aunt Joyce. My Aunt Peggy. Aunt Carolyn was never inducted, because she simply wasn't nosey enough. Neither will my cousin Sharon ever enjoy the prestigious experience, because she lacks the Nosey DNA gene herself. I my ownself, did inherit a faint strain of the molecule, so they have pretty much grandfathered me in with only a small amount of effort on my part. Definition- BIB: Butt-In-Brothers. Persons of the male persuasion, also known as The Spouses of said Snoop Sisters. These would include the Head-Of-All-Butt-Ins, Uncle Gene, [Holder of the largest stink stirrer in the entire universe. If it can be stirred up, Uncle Gene can do it.] Uncle Billy, [who will in no uncertain terms let you know that 'that was the biggest nothing I've ever seen', even if you thought it was the best thing since sliced bread], and to a much lesser extent My Dear Old Dad. Now Dad isn't much on the buttin' in, or the stirrin' up of stink, but we didn't want to leave anybody out, so we let him be in the BIBs too. Now, are we clear on the Snoops and the BIBs?. Good. Now, back to Wild Bill's.} The band was a little late getting started, and the house music was pretty loud. Poor Dad was already rubbing his forehead, and I feared a headache was on the horizon. He assured me he had brought his Tylenol along just in case. I offered that he might want to go ahead and take some. Mom, who had never been to a place like that, was a bit unsure what to expect, I think, but she was delighted to be there to watch Michael. Finally, the band came on. They were smokin', and the crowd was gettin' into it! The elderlings had chosen tables all the way in the back, hoping to preserve their eardrums. This meant that the stage was very, very far away, and Michael (whose drums were elevated on a small stage of their own) was pretty much invisible from that vantage point. I decided the Snoops needed an up-close-and-personal view, so Sharon, Sheree and I escorted them all the way down to the base of the stage, where we were looking directly at the sneakers of the guys in the band. But we could also look up and see Michael, and lo and behold, he was able to see us too, and able to acknowledge to the Snoops that he saw them. I figured they would immediately turn and run back to the safety of the back tables, but to my surprise, we stood down there for two or three songs. You shoulda seen My Mom telling folks "that's my son!" I expected her to jump up on the stage and take Mark's microphone and point to Michael and tell everyone there- "that's my son!". It was really cute. I have some cute pictures, but she thinks she looks silly, and asked me not to post them. .........sigh......... At any rate, I hope you get the picture. It was a fabulous show, and everyone enjoyed it. It was so special to have the Snoops and BIBs along for the ride, and I know it meant a lot to Michael for them to venture outside their comfort zone and come watch him play. Diane and I met for dinner at Sweet Tomatoes... methinks me hath foundeth a new favorite place!!! can i just say yummy!!! ::burp::

I was so glad to have had a good night Saturday night, because things kinda went downhill after that. Well, Sunday morning church was fine, and I did have a delicious to-go plate of spaghetti from the mission-trip fundraiser after church. But the slippery slope started when I tried to work my Sunday shift. Ouch. Honestly I had to reboot like 15 times, retype the same report several times. This has been an ongoing problem, but for some reason maximized itself on Sunday and I ultimately had to go inhouse to work. I survived that, and got the work done. Monday morning comes along and DITTO. Same thing. Called the cable company to schedule a service call, just in case the problem is on my end. So, off I go to the hospital, computer (and personal keyboard) in hand. Work with IS off and on all afternoon. Work in Tammy's office. Work in the computer lab, emulating myself. The computer worked like a charm. .....sigh.... By process of elimination, we determined that there surely MUST be an issue with my Comspastic, er.. Comcast connection. Pack everything up, roll computer to ER on a cart, leave it there while I go to the parking deck to get my car. (If you've been to my hospital lately, you know that they have started charging for parking, and the attendants always go off duty about five minutes before I'm ready to leave, and the money-taker thingy never works.) Well, last night between 10:30 and 11:00 p.m. there wasn't a soul to be found. So naturally, the machine won't take my debit card. I never have cash, so there I was locked in the parking deck. I finally got the 50 ton pickup truck behind me to back up so I could go to the top level, and try my luck with my debit card up there. When I got there, of course I didn't have a ticket. I chose the "Lost Ticket" button. WARNING: Don't EVER press the "Lost Ticket" button. A message came up that said to pay $30.00. Let me repeat. PAY THIRTY DOLLARS. No, I don't think so. My cell phone was down to it's last few minutes of battery, but I called the hospital operator and told her I was locked in the PD and to please send security. By this time I had removed my name badge, because we are not supposed to park there. I waited and waited, and finally security came. They let me out free of charge, but told me I should have pushed the Cancel button before leaving the original ticket thingy. ....sigh... So then I park at the ER, pick up and load my computer back into my car. I go back into the hospital (not wearing my badge) to return the cart to my department. Did you know that after 8:30 they lock the place down like Alcatraz?? I'm going down hallways, trying to find an elevator, but no luck. All the doors are locked. To unlock, you must scan your badge. umm yeah. Finally the little guy in triage tells me to pick up the phone and the operator can buzz the door and let me through. I didn't think Madame Operator was going to let me through, but I finally convinced her that I work there and am simply trying to return a cart so that I might take myself home. Now my department door is locked and I'm almost laughing at the Murphiness of my plight. Finally Donna comes to the door and lets me in. As I am telling her of my Parking Deck Adventure she enlightens me greatly (though I was not amused at the moment). Employees who will be leaving after dark are indeed allowed to park in the PD. Not only that- an employee BADGE will OPEN the gate so that you don't have to PAY. It was a very educational day for me.

Today I waited and waited, then I waited some more for Cable Guy. After 2:00 he shows up. Very, very nice guy, who helped me get a temporary fix for the problem. I won't bore you with the details except to say that my neighbor Alex will be running some serious cable wire throughout the walls of my house within the next day or two. Until then, the only working outlet is here in my office. That means no tv anywhere else but Here in My Room. AACCCKKKK!!!!!! They'll just hafta make do with Barney and Elmo videos. :-)

So, instead of finishing up at 5:30 today, it was much closer to bedtime. And I'll still be making up some time later in the week. However... I did have some time while waiting for Cable Guy this morning to do a few chores done in my room, so I'm a few hours closer to completion of that project.

I think I've had enough excitement and adventure for the past few days. I'm looking forward to some boring days at home working in my jammies, and continuing the "settling in" process. So wish me luck as I try to get in a full day of work on Wednesday! And dare I hope for a techno-problem-free day??

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