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Friday, March 6, 2009

Every Princen Needs A Castle

The Princen room is ready! All we need to do is get the bed out of the storage building and set it up, and she's ready to move in. As promised, I'm posting a few pictures of the castle. The first photo, the pink one, is the wall decal that I had originally bought to put on the wall. Whitney wanted a little more realistic look to it, so we painted it to look like granite or stone. When the castle was completed, I added some black sugar sparkly stuff so that there are tiny sparkles, just like real stone would be. That doesn't show up in the pictures, but like Whitney said, it keeps it from looking gloomy, since it's so dark. Anyway-- here it is! (And boy, am I glad to have this project finished!)

Now that her room is ready, I'll be able to concentrate on getting my space in order. But for now, I'm off to get ready for scrapping at the church! HAPPY FRIDAY!!!

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