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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What's Up With The CKMB??

Several times a week I log in to the CKMB (a scrapbook message board sponsored by Creating Keepsakes magazine). Seems like there's always some kind of drama with them. They (Primedia) are preparing to file bankruptcy, everyone is all atwittter (pun intended) over whether or not the magazine itself will go defunct, and wondering what will happen to the message boards. Seems they haven't been honoring their contracts (not paying readers for submissions), or employees who actually do the leg work. Last year there was a big hooplah about what was percieved as cheating by a lot of people who submitted layouts for the Scrapbooker of the Year award. Shortly after that, they revamped the web site, making it impossible to log in to the new site without a new user name. That wasn't a big deal to me, but there were a lot of ladies who got really tore up about it, because they had been members for a long time, and had post counts way up in the thousands. (Yours truly had fewer than 500 over the course of three or four years!) Message Boards are great- and can be very helpful. Before going into business for myself, I relied heavily on a professional MT board for information that was invaluable to me. That MB also likely saved the life of one of its members. True Story! There were two ladies who e-mailed and posted messages several times a day. One in upstate NY and the other on the coast in CA. Besides that, every Monday night, we had a private chat room where we visited and talked shop. The CA gal didn't show up for a couple of days, so the lady in NY e-mailed another MT who lived a couple hours away from the missing CA gal. She drove the two hours to her house, found the doors locked, but looked in the window and saw Judith lying on the floor. She had fallen and broken her hip, and had other injuries, and had been laying there for two or three days. So.. that particular group of ladies are real tight! Ahhh... there I go again... getting off the subject. Anyway- the CKMB hasn't been long changed its format, as mentioned above. Well daggum it, after I finished work today I decided to log on and see what's going on. My connection to the outside world, you know. Gotta catch up on the weekly LOST post, and see what's happening with my SB cyberfriends. Wouldn't you just know it-- as if CK doesn't have enough to worry about and enough to keep them busy-- they have changed the web site AGAIN! And the MB is "still being migrated" Told me to come back later. Uh Oh. I'll bet this is gonna float like a rock. I'm not happy about it, and I'm not even a die-hard CKMBer. I'll bet there will be some feathers flyin' off of a bunch of wet hens when the boards are up again!!!

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  1. Oh by the way I tried your favorite sites and they work fine from my end!!!
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