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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Interior Design 101

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I'm happy to report that Leyland is feeling much better this morning, though it was another rough night for Whit and both children. Whitney is functioning with a serious sleep deficit, and will catch a few winks in the recliner when the children are sleeping or entertained by Barney & Friends. We have all those doorknob thingies, making it impossible for a toddler to open a door, and we are very careful about closing doors to the rooms that are not kid-proofed. I suppose in her sleep-deprived state, Whitney failed to adequately secure the bathroom door this morning. She just called me to come and see Leyland's newest creation, apparently constructed during one of Whit's quick snoozing moments. I'll be contacting the Interior Design magazines later today, as the tyke shows definite potential. Placed at ingeniously symmetrical interludes about the wall in my bathroom are numerous sticky-backed feminine products, as well as the sticky tape used to secure the little packet that encases them. Oh yes. She is feeling better today. And we are so thankful!


  1. I amj so fortunate to have picked this day to catch up with the family!! OMG Sanitary napkins would go PERFECT with the computer-friendly toilet!!

    And please, that princen room is beyond wonderful! I love the clouds...you did a really beautiful job!!! xxoxxoo ssab

  2. LOL! You never know where the newest trends will be found!