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Saturday, March 21, 2009

My New Chair!

Since moving into my room, and realizing just how big it really is, I decided to purchase a sofa, loveseat or recliner of some sort, and have a little "sitting area", if you will. As such, I've been browsing around at different places, trying to find the perfect piece. You know the one... that just-right item that calls your name. You just know it when you see it (or hear it!). I had set a limit for how much I wanted to spend, but quickly learned that I would be cutting it awful close, as furniture has gotten a bit more expensive since my last purchase. I had heard about those "snuggle chairs", which is basically a wide-butt version of a recliner. (I can totally see me snuggling with the grandbabies, but two adults might be a pretty tight squeeze.) I believe the proper name for them is chair-and-a-half, or double recliner. Late in the week, after having perused most of the furniture stores in my area, I remembered one last store. I wandered about aimlessly for a bit, saw some "snuggle chairs" near the back of the store, but walked on by them, as I was pretty tired and ready to get off my feet. Then I thought... what better time to try out a comfy chair, than when I'm tired and ready to take a load off?? Let me just say: I wanted to stay in the chair forever. Honestly. This is the most comfy chair I've ever sat in. It lays back totally flat. And I can even curl up and lay down on my side without even reclining it. Still relatively early in my search, though, I thought I'd look around some more before making a decision. Friday morning, my mom and I had a lovely breakfast, ran some errands, and looked around a bit more. Nothing. Even cupping my hand around my ear, I just didn't hear anything calling my name. I couldn't get that big old fat comfy chair out of my mind, even though I knew I could buy a whole big sofa for a few dollars more. This afternoon, I decided to check around in Winder and go on to Buford to see if anything would call out to me. Imagine my surprise to find my big comfy chair at a store in Winder, for $50.00 less!! There was no denying it-- It was calling my name. Singing my name. Shouting my name. I bought it! They had to order the color I wanted, so I didn't get to bring it home with me today. It should be here in seven to ten days. I can't wait to get it! I may never leave my room again. Here's a picture I found on the internet. This is the color I'm getting. I think it will be a great addition to my room.
Doncha just wanna come over and sit in it??

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